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Womens Sublimated Volleyball Uniforms


Imperial Point is proud to present a line of custom sublimated volleyball jerseys that is made in the USA. Our sublimated volleyball jerseys can be customized to your teams exact specification. We have a team of talented and experienced graphic artists that will work on your art from the initial design to the finished product. If you have any questions or concerns about sublimated volleyball uniforms, please let us know. We will send out sizing samples and provide any additional information so we can ensure your team is confident in the fit of our uniforms. We back our product with great customer service and a Made in the USA production service! This all means one of the quickest turn around times in the industry. We look forward to outfitting your team for this season.

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Mens Sublimated Volleyball Jersey

men-sublimated-volleyball-jerseySublimated volleyball jerseys come in all shapes and sizes. We have updated our production to maximize your players performance on the court. Our sublimated volleyball jerseys now come in sleeveless and short sleeve jersey options. We offer our mens sublimated volleyball jerseys in a poly spandex body that stretches great and provides great moisture management for the players. The fabrics are durable, lightweight and work great with sublimation print! Our goal is to give your team the best sublimated volleyball jerseys on the court, that are built to last and made in the USA! We look forward to talking about your designs and ideas as well as answering any questions you may have.

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Sublimated Volleyball Jerseys – Sublimated Volleyball Uniforms

Imperial Point is a premiere provider of high quality custom sublimated volleyball jerseys in the United States.  Our sublimated volleyball jerseys are made with Lightweight, comfortable fabrics with good stretch resulting in uniforms that are not only comfortable to wear but look amazing on the court.

All of our custom sublimated volleyball jerseys are made to order, which allows you to choose the colors in any combination. Our custom sublimated volleyball uniforms are made to the highest standard for quality and durability. We use highly durable fabrics.

Our sublimated volleyball uniforms will make your team stand out from the competition and most importantly “Rule the Court”.  Imperial Point believes in the concept of production in the United States of America.

By focusing production of our sublimated jerseys in the United States of America, we are able to provide an elite product, which is made exactly to your specs for your team. We deliver high quality sublimated jerseys and products on time and take pride in our company’s reliability. This is the IMPERIAL HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE.

About Dye Sublimation

All of our custom sublimated apparel is GUARANTEED to never fade, crack or peel.  Imperial Point Dye sublimation is a process in which all uniform design elements including logos, lettering, numbers, team names, sponsor logos, etc. are dyed directly into the fabric. This has the advantage of being permanent, and actually becomes part of the fabric as opposed to screen printing which will eventually wear off and deteriorate. It also makes the garment very lightweight and breathable.

One flat price includes all decoration for numbers on the back, front and sleeves, team name, logos, sponsors, etc. There is no limit on number of colors, no limit on the amount of decoration.  Any sublimated volleyball uniform can be made in men’s or youth sizes.

Give us a call toll-free at 800-801-4884 to order custom sublimated volleyball jerseys. Once you call us, we will send you a mock-up of your design including all of your custom decoration options for lettering, numbers and logos.

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